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I’m satisfied

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I am really glad that I decided to continue taking English courses despite already having enough credit for my minor.  I am even happier that I decided to take this particular course.  I had only seen the film adaptation of Push and heard about The Color Purple, so I was unsure about what to expect from our reading list.  However, I did like that I was able to engage with variety of texts with optimistic or real-world endings.  I have also enjoyed listening to and partaking in our group discussions.  It was validating when we agreed on an issue collectively and super exciting when we (or just 2-3 people) argued opposing sides.

As a psychology major I particularly enjoyed the psychological concepts and phenomena that were illustrated in these texts. Regardless if the authors knew that the situations they were depicting were actually scientifically proven psychological phenomena, I found it useful for myself to be able to further understand why certain situations occurred and how they were then maintained.  The Blues Eye and Push were like a (clinical) psychologist’s playground. I am not saying that characters in these books had disorders, but I would say that they had disorder-like symptoms.  As such, it was interesting to see how laypeople (in this case, people with no or little background in psychology) portrayed such cases.

Lastly, this course really pushed me to think about and engage with other perspectives.  I will never forget our first or second discussion about The Street.  I mentioned how I thought it was kind of sweet that Jones would paint Lutie’s apartment with color (he just wanted to brighten it up).  However, it was then pointed out that this act could also be seen has Jones not respecting Lutie’s wishes, which reflects that power dynamic between (black) men and women.  After this discussion, I think I became more aware of others’ perspective.  I may not have agreed with each perspective, but I think I became better at acknowledging them.  With that being said, if I ever offended you or made you feel awful in class, I am sorry; it wasn’t my intention.

P.S. Good luck to our seniors! Happy end of the semester 🙂


One thought on “I’m satisfied

  1. I enjoyed reading this post, especially the part about getting other people’s perspectives. I feel like this class was such a great mix of people with all different majors, backgrounds, and points of view, and this really added to the richness of each discussion.

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