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Just some reflecting

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     So, I am also going to jump on the reflecting-on-the-semester train (I can’t believe it’s already ending…whaat?). I took this course for two main reasons: because it’s a crosslisted English and Fem Studies course and because until this semester, the only genre of literature I’d gotten the chance to study (both in high school and at SU) was British literature or pretty standard novels in the American lit cannon (think Scarlet Letter). No offense to either genre, but I wanted the chance to broaden my horizons a little more.
     That’s why I have to echo everyone else who has said that this course offered a chance to read novels that I would have never read before, because it definitely did. Honestly, had I not taken this course, I don’t think I would even know that The Street existed. Some of them I’d heard good things about (Push, The Color Purple), or put on my list to read eventually (The Bluest Eye), and I’m really glad to have gotten the chance to do so, in addition to learning about their historical context and critical reception when they were written. Another great thing about the course was reading these novels chronologically, and being able to observe different trends evolving within the genre, and seeing different facets of it (standard novel, epistolary, performance art, etc.).
     This class was also a different experience from any other English class I’ve taken before, because I’ve never seen a class where everyone consistently was really eager to participate. I honestly think we had a really great group, because I was never bored listening to the lively discussions that happened every class period (yes, even the completely random, “what-are-we-even-talking-about” po-mo tangents that inevitably happened). You guys really opened my mind to new perspectives on the novels, and reminded me why I enjoy the seminar-style learning of English classes here.
     Basically, it’s been a great semester and I’m glad to have taken this class with all of you! Congrats to everyone who’s graduating, and hope all of you have a great summer!


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