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Zero Bar

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Our class has been assigned several different readings this semester, and so far we have covered a few essay pieces. Our first assigned novel is coming up and I am ecstatic. Our reading is not due for a while, but I decided to give the novel a whirl to see what the hype was about, and of course to also to get ahead.

Beloved by Toni Morrison. I have read exactly fifty pages, but who is counting when you cannot even put the book down, seeming as if the pages are turning themselves. I came to my professor about a week ago and told her I started the book. I was only about fifteen pages in at the time, so at this early stage in the book, I like to refer to this as an adolescent read. I am in the young adult section now, at fifty pages, so of course I think I know everything. What I do know is this, I love this novel. I love it because of how utterly confusing it is at first but it will all be ok in the end because of Morrison’s exquisite style of writing, she explains not everything, but just enough for the reader to take the bait; well, I at least hope she will explain everything. I am in love with the characters even if I do not like them. They are such well crafted characters. The language Morrison uses is so different.

Reading Beloved is bittersweet:

1. Reading Beloved is difficult because I have other homework to do dang it! Beloved is like the little red devil on my shoulder screaming, “read me, read me! You still have plenty of time to do your other homework!” While the white angel is softly murmuring, “you know Makaylee, your other homework is due tomorrow and it is essential you get it done. Then you can read.” Let me tell you, the red devil wins every time.

2. Reading Beloved is also not difficult and sort of resembles a Zero candy bar. One would merely skim right past a Zero candy bar in the store and go for the ever most popular Snickers bar or M&M’s, whereas a Zero bar is just as good as a Snickers. The Zero bar and Beloved are just the same, both delicious and a blessing in disguise. See, I bet you do not even know what a Zero candy bar is…


One thought on “Zero Bar

  1. Confession: I did not know what a Zero bar was, but now I’m totally gonna look for one!

    This book just slays me every time I read it, and I’ve read it so many times I’ve lost count. Have you ever liked something so much that you lose the ability to speak rationally about it with others? Yeah, this is me with this novel. In fact, I stopped teaching it for a while just because I thought I needed a bit of distance between my research and teaching spheres. I don’t mind if my students hate Huckleberry Finn, but it kills me if they don’t like this book. So, yeah, I’m glad you like it! Just wait until you get to the last page. Just wait.

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