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I’ve decided to repost this original comment and make it an original post so more of you will see it. It regards a subject that I hold dear. Please be open minded. Here it is:

I live in Brownsville, ten minutes away from the border. (I’ve gotten lost a couple times and ended up at the bridge in no time HA) Anyway. I’ve done a lot of work in Austin fighting for women’s rights at the Capitol and the subject really hit home for me. Access to sexual education in or out of school is very limited. Conversely, Catholic beliefs are very instilled. (Not making any digs on Catholicism just pointing out some realities.) While one side fights for their religious values, they fail to acknowledge the deficit of education in the town. When our last women’s clinic shut down it left the entire Rio Grande Valley (which is a huge amount of people WITHOUT insurance) nowhere to run for education, condoms, birth control, support, cancer awareness, etc.
Teenage pregnancy is extremely high in the valley. In San Benito, where I went to middle school, there is a day care on the high school campus. And I have many, many friends who’s childhood was cut short due to lack of support, education, condoms, etc. When the clinics shut down, people were forced to go across the border to get birth control (SUPER FREAKING DANGEROUS). Im talking watch out for your child or she may be stolen and sold for her organs dangerous. (again things could be worse.) Other women seeking to terminate a pregnancy (its likely she has several already that she cannot support financially or emotionally) look to La Pulga. aka flea markets aka black market. aka funny looking pills that may end your baby’s life and yours as well. Or others seek physical abuse on the womb.
I don’t believe this is what anti choice people want people resorting to, yet it happens alllllll the time and it’s horrifying that some ignore the huge repercussions of ending legal abortion or even worse shutting down clinics that provide so many other wonderful services for under privileged women. Those of you that are anti-choice, please. I understand this subject is uncomfortable. But just as we need solidarity to have a movement (we’re all fighting for social justice yea?) we cannot be divisive within the minority of progressive thinkers. I ask you to consider some of the ways this impacts lives other than your own. or your own town’s. or your own family’s. Let’s find some middle ground. I’m just looking to support the societally oppressed.

Who’s with me? or against? let’s have some healthy dialogue as we have learned is oh so important. 


2 thoughts on “repost.

  1. I’m with you! I think that coming from a similar background it is sad to know that girls and women are not educated in safe sex practices which can really impact their lives.

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