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Beloved is such a wonderful novel so far. I am so excited to finish it. Personally I haven’t learned about slave history since early middle school and boy is it refreshing and devastating to bring those horrors back to the present. An uncomfortable subject yes but soooo so worth talking about. I really admire the way Baby Suggs stood for her people when there was no glimmer of hope  in any of their eyes. Although Toni Morrison says this character may in fact just be lying to her brothers and sisters, without her there would be no will to keep moving forward. Some parts in the story are left ambiguous. Leading us to infer that this story has deeper meaning than just a story. I’m not quite sure of it all yet, but I know there is more than just.. words. Baby Suggs stands for something. She embodies Sethe’s will to live and their community’s as well. Same goes for Beloved. It is obvious something is twisted between her and Sethe. Anger, resentment, jealousy, trauma, acceptance. I’m not sure what her exact motives are yet but I definitely cannot wait to find out. I think her character has a symbolic meaning too. Perhaps the backlash of slave baggage. Leading her on a roller coaster of emotions. It’s too soon to tell for me. This post is kind of lame but I can’t put my finger on my thoughts until I read more. AH what a thrilling experience it is!!!


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