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Enough is enough

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The most interesting thing that I would like to talk about in this blog post is Paul D and Beloved’s relationship, or lack thereof I should say. I find it interesting that Paul D is so consumed with Beloved and why she does not seem interested in him at all. I predicted and hypothesized that this was his way of thinking before he even came out and said it himself, that “[m]aybe it was just the fact that he didn’t bother her” (pg. 66). It seems that men always want the attention and that is how I stereotyped him when I formed my hypothesis, which I know was wrong, but I was right and wished I weren’t.

Having said all this, on a positive note, I am glad that although Paul D wondered why Beloved did not pay any attention to him, that he had kept his thoughts to himself, to a point. I am glad that he realized that it was not his place nor home to tell Sethe that he feels that Beloved is peculiar.

I will get a little personal here and try to explain a personal experience I had with something along these lines:

My step dad thinks that he is literally the king of the household. For example, he printed out little memes/notes to hang up around the house that said, “Chris is King”. When my biological bother and I did not say hi to him when we walked in the door from school or practice or something like that he would get really upset (and of course not say anything to US about it, but my mom) and he and my mom would always get in arguments.

Why would he always want the attention? Kids do not particularly want to talk to their own parents, much less their STEP parent. Ya know?

So, I guess the connection I am trying to make is that I wished my step dad would sort of take on the role that Paul D has taken, to keep his mouth shut in an environment that is not his.

I know that I am not having a good outlook on this situation because my step dad should have a say in an environment that he was married into, however when is enough?

Enough is enough.


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