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Oh lord I’m on page 249 and it’s so intense!!!!!!! It’s gone from an interesting historical novel, to a psychological mind f, to a game changer of narration perspective, to June Jordan rated poetry!!! I mean she’s given us so many takes on who/what Beloved is, and where she comes from.

1: Rapist/abuser’s house (small space, white face, no skin)

2: Middle Passage Slave (dead bodies on face, hot things, crouching)

3: Beloved is real and she came back from the afterlife (bridge) ..purgatory?? ..Middle Passage connection?

4: Overall metaphorical embodiment of Beloved’s character (collective experience, coping method, anger, resentment)

5: Is Beloved Sethe?? Did a piece of Sethe die that day and now she’s a new person?

It’s so beautifully and tastefully written. No wonder this book is a Pullitzer Prize winner. Relating back to class, I remember talking about Morrison strategically writing the story in a way that made you unable to look away. June Jordan has a similar approach. Well, I feel that we’ve taken on this roller coaster of emotion. We were dragged in slowly, and then began feeling sympathy for the characters, and once we felt something she pinned us down and threw us in deep water quick. I’m afraid to go on, but as I said I cannot resist. It’s heavy but worth soaking up. This book blows my mind.


PS i meant to post this earlier yesterday but I forgot.


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