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Can I Just Say…

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I have some really strong opinions about the second part of Silver Sparrow, first can I just say that I did not like Chaurisse at all. Chaurisse was to me very self-centered, and had trouble thinking about the feelings of the people around her. I understand that she was deceived her entire life by her father, but although she lived unaware of what was happening she was given so many more opportunities than Dana was ever given. Her father sent her to the best schools that he could, like went he sent Chaurisse to the musical school, but Chaurisse didn’t fully appreciate and use the circumstances she was in. I mean come on!! I’m not saying that Chaurisse had a perfect life or anything like that, but Chaurisse spent most of her time complaining about everything that was going on, if it wasn’t one thing it was another. I think that there is a fine line between knowing you have a bad situation, and another for a person to let it dictate how that person lives their life. Even Dana, who I thought had it worse, showed more initiative to do something more with her life, like when tried to do good in school and join the science fair. Chaurisse was so selfish too when she found out about her situation by not only distancing herself from her own sister who loved her, but also by taking the brooch that was the only thing Dana had from Bunny. Both Dana and Chaurisse were hurt by the situation that their father caused, perhaps in different ways, but instead of blaming her father, the one who actually messed up, Chaurisse went against Dana who was also a victim from her parents mistakes. For me there were no redeeming qualities about Chaurisse.  Obviously I feel very strongly about this, but I am open to the opinions from others that either agree or disagree with me on this matter.


One thought on “Can I Just Say…

  1. I would say blame the parent not the child. I agree that Chaurisse was way more petty and immature than Dana however, look at their mothers. I would say that Dana’s mom was much more independent and taught Dana similar values. Dana and her mom had to face the facts that they were pushed to the sidelines quite often. Contrastingly, Chaurisse may have been more privileged, but she had no clue of the extent of her good fortune. The grass is always greener on the other side. Instead of complaining about it, Dana knew it could never be any other way, and so she kept her mouth shut more often, and moved forward with her life.

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