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The Color Purple, film vs book

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We finished the entirety of the film version The Color Purple in my film and queer theory and class the other day, and I’m disappointed in the ending. In Spielberg’s movie Albert basically just rides off into the sunset instead of staying and helping Celie make pants and paying back his karmic debt.

What I loved about the book ending was that Albert and Celie broke down the barrier of male and female ideas of chores and domesticity, and then the movie ending doesn’t do that. The movie ending also essentially has it so that Shug Avery changes her religious views and instead of keeping her slightly (at the time seen as) hedonistic and panentheistic belief system she adheres to Christianity near the end to appease her father. I also thought that was incredibly counterproductive in regards to what the book achieved, the emphasis on God being in a field of purple flowers and their rejection of God as a masculine authority. I’m just disappointed in the film. Really disappointed.



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