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Beauty of Community

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In Daughters of the Dust there was something truly special about how close all the people where in the island, there were of course some things about the closeness that weren’t always so great, but it did bring some very significant and beautiful things to the people residing in the island. There was a strong sense of family, all the women stuck together and almost never seen by themselves. There was also the connection that the tight knit community had with everyone on the island, and no one was ever completely left to fend for themselves with no help from the others. The sense of interconnectedness and community is not only felt with the people that are living, but also from the ancestors and the rituals that the ancestors have passed on from generation to generation. The people who have died are still being constantly remembered by the traditions that the people in the island continue to uphold, and in a sense those who have passed are being taken care of when the elders come and take care of their graves. The community here is building their own history and sense of self without having the interference of the constant background from the people in the “North”. While in the island they do not see themselves as inferior because of their skin color because everyone looks the same, and also because they all belong to a community who is not defined by their differences but by their similarities. Although I will admit how there was some things I didn’t like very much about the sense of community created, such as the people that wanted to stay in the island judging others who they believed had strayed from the path that their ancestors had carved out for them by leaving the island.


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