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“Counter” Narratives

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We have just barely just started and finished talking about this subject in class today, and yet I already feel extremely passionate about this. The fact that the point of view of the racially and socially oppressed people is seen as the “Counter” narrative is very frustrating because most of the time, if not all the time, their narratives are the ones that actually tell the truth of what went down. Their stories should not been called anything other than the truth and by adding the world “counter” to what they are trying to pass on is in many ways demeaning of what they went through, their struggles, and the reality of what they were forced into. I don’t like the way that many people are unaware of the reality of the counter narratives, and just take in the words from the privileged group as the truth. While talking about this in class it felt like a huge conspiracy that was inflicted upon the masses, and we were uncovering the dark side that the privileged group had so desperately tried to hide from us. I know that might be a bit too paranoid, but it just felt like so many things were being left unsaid because they did not fit in with the image that the people in charge (historically whites) wanted to show us. In relation to Daughters of the Dust I felt like the people that left the island were losing the benefit of being able to define/create themselves separate from the “whiteness”, and were going to be exposed to the Narrative of the white man.


One thought on ““Counter” Narratives

  1. I absolutely love your words here poster, “…and just take in the words from the privileged group as the truth”. I agree with this and I am glad, probably as are you, to learn and read different novels/pieces on a different lens and perspective!

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