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Ifemelu and Obinze’s Love Story

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Through out Americanah, while I was very much captivated by other factors of the story, Ifemelu and Obinze’s relationship was constantly in the back of my head making me wonder what was going to happen between them next. When I first started reading this book, and didn’t know the full story I didn’t really like Obinze. The reason that I did not like Obinze at first was because I just assumed that he had become rich and his money and power had overshadowed the love he had once felt for Ifemelu. Towards the middle and end of this book I started to like Obinze more and more.

What I thought was interesting was that even when they were apart they would unconsciously try to take on a certain aspect of the other person. For example, Obinze valued honesty because Ifemelu was always very honest about who she was and how she felt with him, and therefore he would look for honesty in himself and in others. Also, Ifemelu came to love all the English books that Obinze would always talk about, and her love for literature grew from trying to in a way be connected to Obinze.

Every moment that they spent together held more emotion and happiness than any other time in their lives, and they knew that. Ifemelu and Obinze knew there was no running away from the feelings that captivated them in a way they had only dreamed of. Although I did not particularly like how Ifemelu and Obinze got together (the cheating and hiding) when Ifemelu returned to Nigeria, I also felt that it was inevitable because their lives would always lead them back towards each other.


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