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So I posted this portion, and the rest of this quote, on Instagram because the entire time I was reading I was resisting the urge to scream YES YES YES AMEN. I even got all emotional eyes watering and everything.

“ America it’s white folks who have the power. How? Well, white folks don’t get treated like shit in upper-class American communities and white folks don’t get denied bank loans or mortgages..”

Guess how many likes it got? 17. (I only get angry about likes if I can compare it to much less worthy photo that somehow gets phenomenally more). This only shows that people are either 1. too lazy to read the entire passage or 2. they see the word Black or racism and swipe up *running for the hills* It is ignorant to run away from the conversation. This is why I posted it. Adichie points out the importance in becoming a color-conscious community as opposed to color blind. By circulating articles, blogs, good findings of any sort that support the cause, we are moving toward that switch. Even though I get little to none attention on  my endeavors to bring awareness of racism to my social circle, I will not give up. Calling upon my first blog BE FREAKING LOUD.

So, I have a video for you all to watch but I will warn you it is disturbing. I was in utter shock and disbelief. (there’s no physical violence shown though FYI)

When people say that racism is in the past..look we have a Black president.. you either delve into scholarly supported responses to those ignorant statements..or you could easily just show them this. Maybe use this as a preface and then tell them all of the ways in which institutional racism is oh so prevalent in America TODAY.


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