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Paragraph from Mon.- Problems With Systems-

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This is my paragraph from class Monday, as I do think I am missing one blog: (also bear with me, this was a super rough draft)

I would argue as an English/Education major, that there is a serious need for reform in the American Education system/curriculum. America is lagging, and is so far behind compared to other countries in so many content areas, such as math or science. A lot of that could be prevented if we did not allow for SO many different rewards, such as a free homework pass, or make-up test (obviously they should be allowed in SOME situations). American’s are so spoiled outside of the classroom, not just at home, but in society as well, which then must transfer into classes.

For example, when Ifemelu asked Dike if he could do long division, and when Adichie gives the reader the deep descriptions of his facial expression changing when Ifem asks him this question, is completely entertaining. He is utterly confused when she asks him this. American’s wonder why we are so behind academically, and consistently try to blame this on teachers, when the problem is actually much bigger than that. This essentially, in my opinion, starts with how spoiled children are in their upbringing, and this is just our culture, to get things on a whim because we do have these resources, which we are completely blessed by, but when is enough? By teaching these difficult contents at an early age would benefit American education immensely. Often, students are thought of not being able to handle more difficult material because of their age, which again in mu opinion, is completely averting from the actual problem, they CAN handle difficulty, if they are taught how to do so. Sometimes I believe and think that if we took out all of the unnecessary intrinsic, or possibly extrinsic rewards (depending on the child), this could help propel our education system in such a positive way.

This is where I stopped, but you get the idea. šŸ™‚


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