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Thoughts on the Sexualization of Women’s Breasts

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This isn’t directly related to the book, but today it was brought to my attention that in Iceland they are currently attempting to de-sexualize women’s breasts and nipples more specifically. The #freethenipple campaign has gone viral over there.

I commented on a Mic article on the subject, saying how glad I was that the women in Iceland were doing such a thing, and was immediately berated for saying that, and more than one man and older woman called me a hedonist and said things like ‘I wouldn’t like it if it were a saggy old woman baring her boobs like that’, completely defeating the purpose of the movement’s goal, essentially.

I for one am very in favor of the de-sxeualization of women’s bodies in every way. Men’s bodies are very much de-sexualized. As an art major and unofficial art history minor, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen paintings of naked men doing active things, walking, fighting, waxing philosophical. Their nudity is not even noticed at the same time it is hailed as primal or divine, while naked women are forever sitting still or relaxing seductively, with vapid gazes and parted lips. Their nudity is automatically sensual and sexualized in a way that male nudity rarely is.

I’m getting so tired of the double-standards. Art is simply how I see it happening the most obviously.

No thoughts or comments necessary. I don’t car either way for this one.


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