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Necessary Evils

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As we all know, today is Earth day. Some of the class already has made blog posts about it already today. So, I apologize for the repeated topic, but it is a good one.

I posted about Black History month back in February and argued, essentially, that when events or holidays occur, that is when we (at least most of us) as a country are most concerned with the topic at hand. So, naturally today we are all SO  concerned with the earth.

One of the obvious questions of “what can we do to keep people talking, or war of the subject day in and day out” magically pops up in our dialogue on days like these..

So, what can we do? Today in my Transendetalism class we talked a lot about these general topics, politics especially. Trancendentalist (most) will argue that right now the government is a necessary evil, but eventually there will be no need for government (they are totally against the government) because we will all eventually see and believe in the same morals, because we all have the same Over-Soul, which is another story.. I am not saying that I agree or disagree with this notion, but I think it is a great concept and would be super cool if that actually happened.

I am saying all of these things because if what the Transendentalist is true, then all of these ideas/topics would be easy to come about in how to solve these things like keeping the Earth clean, environmental friendly etc.

I really hope that this made sense to y’all…..

If you want a reference: Henry David Thoreau’s Walden (the essay Civil Disobedience)


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