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Final Thoughts (Just for Now)

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My favorite part of the class was the beginning. During the beginning of the class, we all had the chance to learn about Black Feminism and Womanism. We also learned about Black Feminist theory and the important people who shaped this theory. This website offers a great overview of Black Feminism and its historical context: What is Black Feminism? Learning this theory was very valuable to me because it allowed me to see the work we have done and the work we still have to do. Some voices have been heard but many have not.

With this new theory in mind, I have new, unconventional ways of identifying myself. Adichie tell us a Feminist is “a person who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes”. But, I do not have to identify as strictly a Feminist. I can identify as a Black Feminist, knowing Black Feminism argues that sexism, class oppression, and racism are inextricably bound together through intersectionality. Alice Walker gives me the option of being a Womanist who “is to feminist as purple is to lavender”. Still, I can identify in other ways that validate my experience and the experiences of The Other.

With that said, I am excited to liberate myself and excited to liberate others. I leave you with some words from Alice Walker on enjoying the work you do and understanding that “the prize is life“.


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